Wild Edible Plants,
Wild Superfoods from Nature's Supermarket


Why Wild Edible Plants?

Wild edible plants are the wild superheros of the natural world. They have persevered through the ages and hold vital stores of nutrition to help us adapt to the earth's cycles and changes.

Edible wild plants have the energy and potency of a survivor that is thriving with unmatched life force!

Today, as we find most of our foods from the local produce store, wild edible plants can get lost to the hills or passed along the roadside.

There is Nothing Like Wild Foods!

There is a "wild food education" resurgence happening, however, whereby more and more people taking a look down at the ground at this "wilder side" of life for a number of reasons.

Although eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is very advantageous for health living, it is also beneficial to include some kind of wild food in the diet on occasion or on a regular basis, if you have access to them. 

Many people these days are aware that eating cultivated or hybridized food doesn't quite compare to the nutritional quality provided by our wild greens, nuts and fruits.

Wild edible plants and foods are resilient, hardy and growing in harmony with the cycles and structure of the nature's perfect design.  When we eat them we also take in their special wild life-force that helps us to adapt to environmental changes and conditions.

Wild Edible Foods

Wild Edible Greens


Wild edible greens are a great source of "wild" minerals, and grow in abundance during certain parts of the year. Many can really be found everywhere all year round, if you know where to look.

Learn more about some popular favorites, like miner's lettuce, chickweed, dandelion, mallow, purslane, nettle, sea kale, watercress, horsetail herb and more. We have been on many wildcrafting adventures and love to share what we know and introduce you to some new plant friends. learn more...

Wild Edible Flowers


Wild edible flowers are a wonderful way to bring more color into your life. All flowers have an essence and energy that is unique and different. You will be amazed at how many varieties you can actually eat.

Experiment with them in a salad or a top any raw food dish, raw chocolate cake or other dessert recipes.

Here we will show you some of our loved blossoms, that can be found painting the hills, forests, meadows and ocean sides.

You will enjoy their subtle tastes and bright colors that make your meals a form of art. learn more...

Check out our page on wild violets and making your own "violet honey"!

Wild Fruit and Nuts


Wild fruits and nuts are one of my personal favorites to find and gather. There is nothing like the abundance these wild trees provide and their wild tastes are unbeatable.

We have discovered many fruits and nuts growing in all kinds of climates and conditions. They are hardy survivors sometimes hundreds of years old! These old trees have deep root systems and wisdom from lifetimes of growth. Now that is a food I want to eat! learn more...

Come check out our Madrone berry and Desert Palm Fruit harvesting adventures!

Some plants like wild milk thistle also provide powerful medicine in their seeds!


Get Your Wild Nutrition

Everyone should include some kind of wild food in their healthy diet plan.

Get your "wild nutrition" from edible wild plants that quite possibly are growing right outside your front door.

We love wildcrafting wild plants wherever we live or travel. It is always good to have a wild edible plant guide on hand to acquaint yourself with the plants growing in your area.

Above we offer a few of our favorites that can be found in many locations in mid-latitude regions.

Pick up one of our favorite wild edible plant guides. A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants: Eastern and central North America (Peterson Field Guide)

Use them in raw food meals, salads, seed cheese recipes, raw soups, and as nutritive herbal teas. It is great to know what is growing around you, wild foods are fun to learn about and a great adventure for the whole family!

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