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What Are Superfoods You’re Asking?

The term "superfoods" is a commonly used word these days often manipulated as a marketing device to sell or promote a particular food or product. Loosely defined, superfoods can have a variety of definitions however, depending on the perspective of the one utilizing the lingo.

Our attention here is focused on offering honest and genuine information as well as personal experiences on an array of different foods and drinks we consider to be, nutritionally speaking, many steps up from the rest.

That being said, this website is not designed to promote any one individual superfood, but rather provide you with a variety of options to pick and choose from according to your own current health objectives.

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"Specifically, what are superfoods?"

The types we are referring to are the wide range of plant-based foods, tonics, herbs, ferments, sweeteners, fresh juices and microalgaes chosen to offer a full spectrum of possibilities for encouraging greater states of health and well-being.

What makes these superfoods, "a superfood?"

We describe them in the broadest sense to be any naturally derived food with concentrated amounts of health enhancing components that are generally lacking in most average diets.

They can be categorized as superior foods, drinks and extracts which contain high levels of antioxidants, enzymes, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals or other specific elements unique to each superfood. This may include certain plant compounds like triterpenes, beta-glucans, anthraquinones, isothiocyanates, glutathione, phycocyanin, alginate and many others.

Why superfoods?

As problems with adrenal fatigue, vitamin-mineral deficiency, low sex drive, obesity, toxemia, cognitive and autoimmune disorders are becoming more prevalent in today's modern world, it is sometimes necessary to look to some of the best natural remedies available and truly use the foods you eat as your therapeutic allies.

Although "diet is not everything", we feel it can be the key to taking the first steps toward the kind of pain-free vibrant existence that we all deserve!

Search this site for many diet tips and superhealth recipes that will help you to stay properly nourished, fit, lean and radiantly healthy!

Latest Superhealth Recipes

Here on this website we provide tons of info, research studies, tips, resources and recipes to help you achieve your present health goals the "natural way" through ancient longevity foods of the past, whole plant-based nutrition as well as the latest innovations and discoveries in the world of superfood science.

We do not claim that any of these superfoods will increase the length of one's life or cure long term illnesses, but they can have a profound influence on the quality of one's life, working to enhance our day to day experiences while we are living on this earthly plane.

This, in turn, may provide the inspired action necessary to make other health promoting changes on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, all of which can come with its own set of side-effects that may also indeed include increasing one's lifespan.

Superfoods List of Categories

There is something here for everyone, no matter where you are on the diet spectrum. Here we offer attainable approaches to reaching your distinct health goals, incorporating these life building foods into your present diet, at whatever level you’re at!

Top 10 Superfoods, Some of the Best Foods to Add to Your Diet


This is our top 10 superfoods list of recommendations for those of you looking to take charge of your own health by eating some of the best quality foods available. This list may provide some options of where you might want to begin.

Super Tonics, Rebuild with the Major Chinese Herbs


Chinese herbs are making their way to the forefront of today's health movement. These tonics provide properties as herbal adaptogens that deeply nourish our immune system, vital organs as well as help to relieve daily stress in our lives.

Super Juicing for Health and Vitality

Super juicing is the practice of consuming large quantities of juice from fresh, raw, organic fruits and vegetables over a period of time to energize, cleanse and detox the body. Learn more about the benefits of juicing as well as periodic juice fasting.

Our Top 7 Fermented Foods to Add to Your Diet


Fermented foods are foods that have gone through a fermentation process. This transformation provides a superior food rich in enzymes and friendly microscopic bacteria, like lactobacillus, that are extremely beneficial to the health of the colon and the entire digestive tract.

Growing Super Sprouts for Fresh Living Nutrients


Sprouts provide a highly concentrated source of predigested vitamins, minerals, protein, fatty acids, chlorophyll and other health enhancing phytochemical compounds unique to each sprout variety. Learn more about the different types of sprouts and their health benefits.

Medicinal Mushrooms, Potent Superfoods for Building Immunity


Medicinal mushrooms are specific strains of wild edible mushroom species that are used for their unique and extraordinary health enhancing compounds. Learn more about these super mushrooms and our top favorites to use fresh, dried or as powdered extracts.

Want to Add More Top Superfoods to Your Diet?

This is our secondary list of supreme foods, herbs and powders to give you some more options when searching for a specific superfood unique to your personal health goals. The assorted superfoods on this list were selected with the intent to further assist the average modern day person living in today's fast paced world.

Super Seaweed Nutrition, The Oceans Superfood


Seaweeds are "sea vegetables" that contain immense concentrations of essential minerals and trace minerals. Because the food we eat is often deficient in minerals that are not present in the soil, sea plants can be a great addition to a balanced diet. This page includes our list of top 8 most popular seaweed varieties.

List of Herbs for Making Herbal Teas


Here is a list of herbs and their corresponding categories to refer to when concocting your own personalized blends and tea formulas. This does not include the common herbs used to treat acute illnesses, but are rather varieties that work as cleansing, activating, sedating or tonifying agents to help prevent sickness from occurring in the first place.

Super Sweeteners, Natural Sugars for Feeling Your Best


If you are someone who has had a past history of sugar addiction or are currently looking for new healthier sweeteners to replace the customary white table sugar, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup, some of the sugars on this list might provide some healthier alternatives.

What is a Raw Vegan Diet or "High Raw" Diet?


Learn more about a "high raw" vegan diet and how it can benefit you and your current health goals. If you are someone who is attracted to eating less cooked food or animal derived meat and dairy products, but are unsure where in the world to start, here is an overview of some of the potentials.

Super Good Fats to Eat for Super Good Health


Good fats are derived from natural plant fats and their unrefined, non-hydrogenated oils. We need a certain amount of these fats in our diet in order to live and thrive at optimal levels. It is imperative, however, that we consume the right type of fats and largely avoid the bad ones which can have negative health consequences over time. 

Super Supplements for Added Nutrition and Support


Sometimes, during the course of our lifetime, we become nutritionally deficient in one area or another and need a little help from a supplement specifically concentrated in a particular nutrient or cleansing solvent. Here we discuss the benefits of supplementation as well as our top favorite brands.

Wild Superfoods, Shopping in Nature's Garden


Wild edible greens are leafy green plants that grow in wild unattended places all over the world. Learn about our top favorite wild edible greens that are most likely growing in your own backyard, nearby forest or foothill location.  They are a prized source of wild nutrients largely missing in store bought produce.

Top Super Fruits, Building Immunity with Superhealthy Fruits


Super fruits are not regular hybridized fruits, but are fruits that offer a complex array of natural compounds that you can’t get from a banana or an apple. Some of these fruits contain unique components such as high amounts of antioxidants, polysaccharides and other phytonutrients.

A Healthy Diet Plan Using Superfood Nutrition


A healthy diet plan first begins by working "with where you are at" at any phase of health or disease. We recommend taking a gentle, easy and fun approach to incorporating more energy rich foods into your current diet no matter where you're at on the diet spectrum.

Superhealthy Raw Vegan Recipes


These raw vegan recipes are some of our often made favorites designed to convert many traditional entrées, desserts and beverages into their raw plant-based equivalents. These recipes are created from a health perspective attempting to bridge the gap between delicious tasting meals and highest nutritional potential.

Essential Kitchen Appliances for Superfood Creations


While it is possible to maintain a health promoting diet with just a chopping board and a knife, having a few basic kitchen tools to help you out can be a huge bonus that, in the long run, will save you time and energy. This list of modern appliances can is give you a few more options when it comes to preparing meals, drinks, snacks and desserts.

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This is our website superfood store offering links to many of our favorite superfoods products, books, supplements, herbs and supplies. We appreciate your purchase of superfoods via our store as it allows us to continue offering you all the free info, resources and recipes included on the pages of this site.

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