Top 7 Healthy Diet
Tips for a Superhealthy Diet

Want some healthy diet tips to get you started on the road to looking and feeling your best? These diet tips wrap it all together to create healthy diet plans that integrate all the superfoods your starving cells crave.

As discussed, we believe in starting with "where you are at", taking your current diet regime and adding in healthier food options. This is where we began, taking the slow and gentle road... one self motivated change at a time!

But it's up to you, if jumping right in full-force is "who you are"... by all means go for it.

Many people have had tremendous success by completely cleaning out there kitchen, getting rid of all unhealthy food temptations, snacks, condiments, etc and replacing with them with healthier food options.

These first tips are two main things to keep in mind either way.

BIG TIP #1: Instead of deleting certain foods from your diet, try ADDING IN more superfoods and a raw food diet plan that works for you. Most likely, unhealthy habits will naturally start to fall away as you begin to notice subtle changes in your health and energy levels.

BIG TIP #2: Like we discuss in our very first issue of our Superfood Evolution Ezine, "It all starts with digestion." If you are not digesting your superfoods or any food, you are not getting the nutrients you need to thrive.  So, tending to a nice, easy input of nutrients and output of waste material is definitely an important place to start.

healthy diet tips

7 Healthy Diet Tip to Get You Started

1) One of the best ways to begin the integration process is with adding more raw smoothies and/or raw shakes to your diet.

This is an easy way to blend up a whole lot of nutrition with fairly little effort, in addition to creating pre-digested drink that is more absorbable to the body.

A raw food "un-cookbook" might be a great motivation tool, with lots of drink recipes.

Check out our list of top superfoods and add them to your drinks to give you an extra boost.

Certain top 10 superfoods lend themselves very well to blending because they are in powder form. In addition, they are high concentrations of potent mineral and antioxidant sources.

Some popular ones to start with are that are easy to use in drinks as most can be found as powders

  • acai berry
  • bee pollen
  • spirulina
  • astragalus
  • goji berries
  • shilajit
  • maca root

    2) Many people start by adding more raw food to their diet and experience tremendous health results.

    The introduction of "living foods" to the body makes you come "alive" again. Most people feel results almost immediately.

    So, try to eat as much raw fruit, veggies and superfoods as you can throughout your day. The raw fiber and enzymes will again help to sweep through any blocks in the colon region.

    3) If you have a juicer, you can start with a glass of fresh juice in the morning. We have a few juicing recipes to give you some ideas of potential combinations.

    Also, if you don't have a juicer, but have a high quality blender and a nut milk bag, check out our page on juicing without a blender.

    4) What about all the cultured foods, such as cultured vegetables or kombucha, that will boost your enzyme levels and help to improve digestion of the foods you eat with them?

    5) Perhaps you are needing to find sugar substitutes to balance a candida overgrowth or just need an alternative to refined sugars?

    Sometimes a low sugar diet can be extremely beneficial to reestablish a healthy body ecology. Natural sweeteners, like stevia, are an excellent choice for low glycemic diet.

    6) Take a look around your backyard for wild edible plants that will give you wild nutrition you can not buy in a store. Dandelion is a common one that you can toss into a salad or juice. It is also bitter in taste which helps to stimulate digestive juices.

    7) Herbal tea recipes can be a great way to take in minerals and tonic roots, using your favorite herbal blends that rebuild and strengthen. Because they are liquids they are also readily available to the body.

    Create a healthy diet plan that will work for you!

    Look through our recipes section and find the ones that speak to "where you are at".

    You will be surprised at how small changes, just one thing, can begin to improve your health for the better. All you need to do is keep taking steps in the general direction.

    Visit our Superfoods Blog for the latest superhealth updates!

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